Daimond Theme Pack


Daimond Theme Pack 20999/-Rs fix Benquet Hall ( Total balloon 2000 qty ) extra 3/-Rs

Indirapuram , vaishali , Noida
 Balloon Entrance Gate with frills + Twisting Balloon + Structure with Led light
 Happy birthday name Banner on Gate with designer pillar with Led Light
 Passage Designer Balloon pillars ( 4 Qty ) each side 2
 Party Area Decoration
 Cake Table Decoration with double pillars Design with led light
 Cut out as per theme ( 10 Qty ) Digital ( Cut outs of character on rent basis )
 Blessing board with Baby name or photo / Blessing Board / Signature board
 Designer Balloons flowers on every guest table
 Props Station party props for phtograps
 Birthday Boy/Girl Caps spl (1)
 Birthday Caps as per Theme as required
 Hooters as per theme
 Eye Mask
 Party poppers
 Musical candle
 Khoi Bag with Gifts
 polly bag as per theme
 Theme Paper cutout hanging on party area
 Alphabet Name balloons size 15" or foil balloon as per theme
 Glitter Tattoo Artist

Choose any 2 Activity -
 Games Anhor
 Animal Magic Show
 Hair Beading with Nail Art
 Small Bouncy
 Balloon art
 Candy Floss
 Name Beading - friendship band
 Puppet show
 Caricature Artist

Complementary -
 Colouring Activity
 Blessing book with birthday baby name and pictures

Note :- choose any one
 If added flex backdrop behind cake table size 8x8
 If added Balloon Wall Backdrop behind cake table size 8x8
 Total price with package - 23999/-Rs fix price

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